Honda BeAT Club
Address :Jl.Raya Ceger No.66/67 Rt.09/02.Taman mini, Ceger, Cipayung Jakarta Timur 13820
Contact Person : Hendra / Fadhli
Phone : 0857-1058-1085
Jumlah Anggota : 40
Tempat Ngumpul : Depan Patung Panahan Senayan.JL.AsiaAfrika Jakarta

With the launching of a new motorcycle from Honda on June 2008 called Honda BeAT, the three of us (founders/users), Om Bule (Heru Media), Hendra, Fadhli, have the initiative to establish or form a body for owners, users, and observers of Honda BeAT in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. We later call it (nickname) the “BeATkers”, with a motto “Be Automatic Brotherhood.”  As a place for chit-chats, exchanging information and  modifications of two-wheeled vehicles, especially Honda BeAT motorcycles. The name is “Honda BeAT club”.

The first step we made was creating a mailing list on 24 September 2008 with an account name and done by Bro. Heru (Om Bule). Starting from activities in the mailing list, followed by an initial “Kopi Darat (meet up)” on 10 October 2008 in front of  archery statue (patung panahan) Senayan, JL.Asia Afrika, Jakarta Selatan. We did the initial “KopDar” together/side by side with Honda Vario Club (HVC). We felt that it is the right place to start a “kopdar,”  because it was done together  with “big brother” HVC which was founded earlier than our club. Then we distributed brochures inviting the BeAT-kers to join the Honda BeAT club.

In order to introduce our club to more audience, we decided to call it the Honda BeAT club. And to facilitate introduction to BeAT-kers who want to join, we decided on a “Kopdar” every Friday evening from 7pm, which take place in front of the archery statue Senayan, Jl.Asia Afrika, Jakarta Selatan.

Vision & Mission
Vision :

  • To give examples to members and the community on patterns of riding that are safe (Safety Riding), comfortable and order in traffic to fellow road users.
  • To create a smart and caring community which provides benefit to its members in particular and to the community in general.
  • o unite and direct spirit, ideas, inspirations, and desires of members, into various positive activities.
  • To increase and develop knowledge in automotive techniques, especially Honda BeAT two wheeled vehicles among fellow members.
  • To become a body for exchanging productive and positive information regarding things connected to Honda BeAT.

Mission :
o plan and conduct positive activities connected to two-wheeled automotive field, especially Honda BeAT, sport, social, cultural, and legal that can increase knowledge and insights of BeATkers in particular and the mass communities in general.

Up to December 2008, the number of  registered Members and attending KopDars are 40 BeATkers.

It is an honor for us to have a relatively young club that will only issue a club declaration on February 2009.

You can also join in:

  • Website         :
  • Mailing List     :
  • Facebook       :
  • Friendster       :


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